Startup Selling Podcast:’s Melanie Wong on Prospecting for Big Customers, the 7-Touch Rule & Working with Aaron Levie

By Scott Sambucci | February 3, 2016

If you’re selling to the enterprise, you HAVE to check out my Startup Selling podcast interview with Melanie Wong. Melanie is a large accounts sales manager at and she is fantastic. I learned a TON from her. I’ve already received messages from listeners on this episode: Dear Melanie: Just heard your podcast with Scott. […]


Quit blasting emails. Force concentration instead.

By Scott Sambucci | February 2, 2016

“A startup is not a smaller version of a large company.” – Steve Blank This goes for the sales funnel. Sure, at a large company with an established market, target segment, and known process – the marketing team can blast out 3000 emails to find a few qualified leads for the sales team to convert. […]


Monday Sales Challenge: How far can you take the sale WITHOUT showing your product?

By Scott Sambucci | February 1, 2016

It’s easy to fall into the “I’ve got to show my product” trap. Don’t! Challenge yourself to see how far you can take the sale without a product demo. Instead focus on customer needs, the problem you’re solving, and the value proposition for the buyer sitting across from you.


The Friday Four – 4 Sales Ideas to finish the week strong

By Scott Sambucci | January 29, 2016

Every week by email, I’m sharing four (4) sales lessons, ideas, strategies, tactics. Pretty much anything I think will give you a nudge forward on your sales efforts. No rhyme or reason to the tips and ideas – just stuff I’m thinking about, trying myself, or learning from people way smarter than me. I’ll be […]


Startup Selling Workshop Thursday night in Seattle

By Scott Sambucci | January 27, 2016

Last week in San Francisco, and this week in Seattle. Excited to be working with General Assembly for the first time to deliver my Startup Selling workshop.(Can’t believe I’ve taken this long to make this happen!)What’s on the agenda? Why Startup Selling of course… helping you to: Find Customers Grow Revenue Build Your Sales Process This […]

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