“Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci”

Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci

Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci” is the only podcast produced for startup CEOs. We discuss startup selling strategies from a practical and tactical viewpoint.

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Ep. 64: Iterative Outbound Emails, Subject Lines That Work & The 3% Rule: An Interview with Alex Berman

Ep. 63: Social Selling Strategies Using LinkedIn, Video & More: An Interview with Autoklose CEO Shawn Finder

Ep. 62: Pleasant Prospecting, Spinning Plates & The Engagement Pyramid: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

Ep. 61: Using Podcasts In Your Sales & Marketing with BeMyGuest’s Erik Jacobson & Jonathan Barshop

Ep. 60: Making Sales the Priority & The Goldilocks Rule – Designing Your Selling Systems: An Interview with Paul Rush

Ep. 59: Starting the Journey: From Excitement to Reality – Startup Lesson #1 from the Bryce Canyon 100

Ep. 58: Build & Manage Your Startup’s Hiring Process An Interview with Lever’s Kelly Del Curto

The Daily Dose #19: Keeping Consistent – Motivation vs Discipline: A Daily Dose Edition

Ep 57: Removing the Digital Shroud – Why You Should Run Live Customer Events, Plus How To Do It

Ep. 56: The Process is the Process: A Daily Dose Edition

Ep. 55: When & How to Use Cold-Calling, Partnership Programs & Vetting Your Sales Hires: Live Sales Q&A

Ep. 54: Acquire, Activate & Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Leads – An Interview with Howard Kingston

Ep. 53: You Are Not Alone – Why We Do This, with Scott Sambucci

Ep. 52: Amplifying Revenue With Go-To-Market Operations: An Interview with Culture Amp’s Andy Mowat

Ep. 51: Simple Actions to Increase Your Sales Pull-Through: An Interview with Selling Boldly Author, Alex Goldfayn

Ep. 50 – For Sales Leaders: Ideas to Help Your Sales Team Be More Productive

Ep. 49: Building Your Channel Partnerships The Right Way with Matthew Harrell – Google’s Head of Cloud Channel Business

Ep. 48: Head, Heart & Gut: Building an Entrepreneurial Organization – An Interview with Shannon Waller

Ep. 47: From Users to Customers in 3 months & Startup to the Inc 5000 in 3 years: An Interview with Cirrus Insight Co-Founder Brandon Bruce.

Ep. 46: Pattern Interrupts, Personas vs Titles and Warm Calls: An Interview with SDRemote Co-Founder Niko Hughes

Ep. 45: Company Culture, Experiential Incentives & the Backward-Bending Labor Supply Curve: An Interview with Disco Co- Founder Justin Vandehey

Ep. 44: Post-Sale Product Adoption & Usage, Tribal Cultures & Success Metrics: An Interview with Xan Gentile, Head of Account Management at Blend

Ep. 43: An interview with David Dulany The CEO and Founder of Tenbound and The Sales Development Conference

Ep. 42: The Selling Process vs The Buying Process in the Enterprise Sale: An Interview with PatientPing’s Head of Growth, Brian Manning

Ep. 41: Lessons Learned from Raising $100M, Interviewing over 1000 Sales People and carrying a $25M Quota: An Interview with Kris “Speedhunter” Duggan

Ep. 40: Financial Literacy for Startup CEOs: Buy-Sell Agreements, Key-Man Insurance, IULs & More: An Interview with Tim Phebus from WealthWave

Ep. 39: Sales Hiring: How to Find & Screen Your Next Sales Team Hire – An Interview with Wayne Herring

Ep. 38: Sales Compensation – Buying Persuasion Labor, The Cost of Selling & Paying Market Makers for your Startup: An Interview with David Cichelli

Ep. 37: How to Add Video to Your Sales Arsenal – An Interview with Stacy McKenzie

Ep 36: Outside Sales – Recommendations To Startup Founders On How To Structure Outside Sales with Steven Benson

Ep. 35: The ONE Sales Activity In Your Company That Matters Most with Scott Sambucci

Ep. 34: What is Customer Success and Why is it Important?: An interview with John Roberts

Ep. 33: The Right Way to Set up your Partnership, Reseller & Affiliate Strategy: An Interview with Jen Spencer

Ep. 32: The Cardinal Rules of Cold Emailing with Damian Thompson

Ep. 31: What’s Your Box of Awesome? An Interview with Dan Waldschmidt

Ep. 30: Predictable Prospecting: Target, Engage & Optimize Your Sales Funnel, and Why Introverts are the Best SalesPeople: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

Ep. 29: Who to Hire and How and When to Scale Up Your Sales Team: An Interview with Dionne Mischler

Ep. 28: Converting Free Trials, Soft Contracts & Why Sales Prospects Love Video: An Interview with Showpad’s Louis Jonckheere

Ep. 27: Hiring Incarcerated Women & Acting “As If” In Your Sales Calls: An Interview with Factor 8’s Lauren Bailey

Ep. 26: Working on Your Genius by Outsourcing Company Tasks & Hiring Virtual Assistants: An interview with Mia Paulus

Ep. 25: Content Selling vs Content Marketing, The Amway Hack for Webinars & Value-Based Pricing: An interview with Christien Louviere

Ep. 24: Selling a $40,000,000 Gulfstream Online, Negotiating with Vendors & Surviving Cancer: An Interview with Gina Danford

Ep. 23: Capital-Raising, Avoiding “Legal Debt” & Going From Idea to MVP: An interview with Chris Combs

Ep. 22: Customer Success, Time to First Value & Finding Your Customer’s “Appropriate Experience”: An interview with Lincoln Murphy

Ep. 21: Product Demos the Right Way, & Avoiding the “IKEA Demo:” An Interview with Peter Cohan

Ep.20: Price Intelligently: How Your Pricing Strategy is Killing Your Business. An Interview with Patrick Campbell.

Ep.19: Sales Development Strategies with Trish Bertuzzi: The 40-second interview, Building a Beachhead & Being Direct with Customers

Ep.18: Do you know what your Revenue Acquisition Portfolio looks like?

Ep.17: Box.com’s Melanie Wong on Prospecting for Big Customers,  the 7-Touch Rule & Working with Aaron Levie

Ep.16: The 10-Day Sales Call Challenge

Ep.15: Selling to the 2017 Budget Right Now!

Ep.14: 10 Things To Do During the Holidays for a Better 2016, Pt.2

Ep.13: 10 Things To Do During the Holidays for a Better 2016, Pt.1

Ep.12: Identifying Early Adopters and Their Pain Points featuring Sean Murphy

Ep.11: Eating My Own Dog Food

Ep.10: Continuous Improvement on the Sales Process feat. Mark Graban & Greg Jacobson

Ep.9: Hiring Your First Salesperson (or three…)

Ep.8: Implementation Planning as a Sales Tool

Ep.7: Burning Sales Questions, Pt.2

Ep.6: Burning Sales Questions, Pt.1

Ep.5: Setting Up Pilot Program

Ep.4: Leading the Big Meeting

Ep.3: Preparing for Your First Meeting with a New Prospect

Ep.2: Being a Connector

Ep.1: Startup Selling with Conference Escorts

A few startup selling topics we’ve covered:

  • Setting up sales meetings and executing a sales plan at an industry conference.
  • Prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • How to successfully prepare for a sales meeting and product demo.
  • Vetting out true prospects versus those that’ll just waste your time.
  • Identifying stages of the sales and advances in the sales process.
  • Tips for following up with your prospects after a sales call or in-person meeting.
  • Using implementation and technical integrations plans as part of your sales process.

Every podcast includes show notes and links to reference material so you can grow your learning about sales and selling.

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