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Is Your Company on the Ramp to Repeatability?

You’ve got a couple of customers. Some of them are even paying you for your product but every day and every week, you’re running like mad just to keep up. Every time you fill one hole, it’s from digging another.

Weeks go by and you add a few more prospects to your pipeline, but then five or six or ten others went completely dark. You did a few demos, you sent a few proposals, but seems like you can’t get any real momentum going month after month.

Or worse, you decide to slow down on the selling thing altogether because you want to fix those bugs or add that feature or work on the platform.

You think – “Maybe if you could just hire someone to do the selling for you, it would be so much better…”

Sales purgatory

It’s called “Sales Purgatory.” But it doesn’t have to be that way, IF…. if you make what I call “The Big Push,” The Big Push up your 10x Ramp to Repeatability.”

Here’s the thing… I don’t know you, your company or your product, but really I do…

It’s not about adding another feature. It’s not about rewriting the code. It’s not about another investor meeting in which the investor tells you – “Love what you’re doing, you just gotta ramp up sales….”

CB Insights published a report that analyzed the top 20 reasons why enterprise startups fail. The first five reasons were:

  1. 1
    Lack of demand for the product
  2. 2
    Ran out of cash
  3. 3
    Not the right team
  4. 4
  5. 5

So in other words… Four of the top five reasons – lack of demand, lack of cash, competition and pricing – are sales problems. Heck even the wrong team often comes from hiring the wrong salespeople or hiring too soon.

It’s not until #6 that “product” was a reason for failure…

The Law of Diminishing Intent: “We should…”

I hear it over and over… We should do this with sales. We should implement that idea. We should… we should… we should… The thing is, we should ourselves all the way to never­ending startup mode. I know there are lots of places you get sales ideas and information – blogs, books, conferences, mentors, advisors, board members, investors, friends. Ideas are cheap. Information is easy.

It’s the IMPLEMENTATION that’s hard. Sure you’ll get all the information and ideas from me that you could ever possibly need. The hard part is putting these ideas to work for your startup – working together every day to TAKE ACTION on The Big Push.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Law of Diminishing Marginal Intent. It says the longer you wait to action, the less likely you’ll be to take that action. Unless you take action now.

Take Action. Now.

Commitment is just two things – decision and action. You’ve already decided to watch this video. Now take action. Let’s find out the biggest risks and gaps in your sales process get you out of Sales Purgatory. Sales cycles aren’t getting any shorter, and the longer you take to start selling your way out of Sales Purgatory, the longer it’s going to take to build the company you imagine. Or worse, you’ll never get the opportunity.

Your target market DESERVES to buy your product. Don’t let them go another day with bad solutions or manual processes or inferior technology. 

The NEED to hear from you, and the way we do that is to commit to The Big Push because every day is a lost opportunity. If we do this right, the your biggest problem is figuring out how to manage you new sales and customer success teams because you’re on the path to scale.

That Fortune 500 company that you want to take down is selling right now. Your competitors are out there selling right now. They’re getting funded because they’ve made their Big Push.

Let’s start YOUR Big Push on your Ramp to Repeatability right now…