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The Technical Buyer
“The Technical Buyer is the buyer, or buyers, who have a particular domain expertise within their company. Their job in[...]
Daily Dose: 3 Sales Hiring Mistakes That Kill B2B Startups (And How to Avoid Them…)
  The pipeline's thin. Lead gen is a grind. You’re booking demos and slinging proposals, but deal flow is slow.[...]
Start at the Beginning… Start at the Beginning... It's January 4th. The Internet is slow. Zoom keeps cutting out. Slack isn't working. After[...]
Is this you?
Is this you? I’m starting a group for February – it’s designed for B2b startups that want to grow by[...]
Taking action on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
On Friday, I hosted a Clubhouse room – "Tech Founders Tackling Structural Racism: Weekly Forum" (link goes to this week's[...]
“Would You Like The Long Demo or The Short Demo?” Lots of good conversation happening right now on Richard Smith’s post from yesterday –“Rich - please can I just have[...]


Founded in 2011, SalesQualia is dedicated to helping early stage B2B start­ups ramp up and scale up their revenue and sales process so that they can make the impact they want in their markets. Our company’s mission is to help 100 enterprise startups reach $10mm ARR in the next 10 years.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the session yesterday. It exceeded my expectations (as did you) and I’m really glad that not only did I get a chance to meet you, but have the session with you yesterday–it was well worth it.

Aurangzeb (Zabe) Agha, Founder & CEO