Daily Dose: Remember who you’re talking to…

Daily Dose: Remember who you’re talking to…

By Scott Sambucci | February 3, 2022


Did a keynote talk at a client’s Sales Kickoff this week. They asked me –

“How do you keep people engaged in a sales call, or in the sales process in general?”

The first answer that came to mind was to remember that your prospects are people. They have stuff happening all around them everyday, just like you.

Personal stuff. Family stuff. Health stuff. COVID. Kid stuff. Spouse stuff.

Sure, the past two years have been stranger than normal, but that’s the normal we’re in now. Strange is normal.

Remember that when you’re making that cold call, or pissed off that the prospect is late for your Zoom, or they seemed distracted during the demo.

It’s probably not personal, because it could well be something personal for them.

#leadership #sales #BeHuman

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