Product Demos are a Verb, not a noun

Product Demos are a Verb, not a noun

By Scott Sambucci | May 4, 2022

Myth: Prospects want to see a Product Demo.

Truth: Prospects don’t care about your product, because product demos shouldn’t be about the product – they’re about the prospect’s PRIORITIES and PROBLEMS.

In fact, calling product demos a “Product Demo” is all wrong.  It tells to your prospects that this is another –

“Answer–Slack–Messages–and–Reply–to–Emails–While–Pretending–To–Pay–Attention–For–An–Hour” call.

Instead of running a product demonstration (noun), DEMONSTRATE (verb) how you’ll help the prospect achieve their strategic priorities and solve their business problems.

How can you tell if your demos are nouns or verbs?

If you’re scheduling an hour for your product demos and spending 57 minutes clicking on every feature and integration…

If you’re talking more than 30% of the time during the meeting.…

If your product demos feel like a fireworks show – lots of flash, applause when it’s done then everything goes dark…

If prospects ask for your deck, a sample login, a one-pager or a proposal after your product demos…

If you don’t start your demos with a mutual action plan… 

… then chances are you’re running a demonstration and not demonstrating.

In fact, instead of calling them “Product Demos,” what if you called them “Priority Sessions” instead?

Remember, your customers give you money for the product, but they are buying an OUTCOME.

Most of all, remember that demos are just a moment in time over a 6-month sales cycle.  If you want to leverage your product demos as catalysts in your sales process, it all starts with the discovery and preparation before you hop on the next Zoom.

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