Daily Dose Podcast — Elevating to the Next Level: When Peaks Become the Start for the next Breakthrough

By Scott Sambucci | February 25, 2020

No more $10 ice cream sandwiches. It’s been two weeks since I finished the Tarawera 100 – a 100-mile ultramarathon in New Zealand.  Usually the emotional overwhelm of completing a race like this brings me to tears at the finish line. That didn’t happen at Tarawera and since then, I’ve been struggling to figure out […]


Information is easy— Implementation is hard.

By Scott Sambucci | February 20, 2020

It’s time to stop being a reader and start being an implementer. One of the most challenging aspects about building and implementing a sales process is knowing what and how to fix what’s not working to realize the best results in the shortest time.  That’s why I created the Scale-Up Session. In this one-to-one call, […]


Dials to your startup’s sales process

By Scott Sambucci | February 19, 2020

Think of each of these three systems as dials to your startup’s sales process. Your job is to turn these dials to increase the output for each of the systems so that you can increase your customer’s revenue.  If your prospecting plan of action increases the number of qualified leads, even while keeping your sales […]


Paying Customer Plan

By Scott Sambucci | February 18, 2020

The key measurements to track are: Price Per Customer: As you continue to establish your product’s worth to each new customer, you should be able to increase the price that each new customer pays for your product. The more that you implement with paying customers, the more data you’ll have for the next customer to […]


A paying customer plan is . . .

By Scott Sambucci | February 17, 2020

This is the development and implementation action plan with your target customer to move them from their purchasing decision to implementation and long-term success. It includes these three core components.  Why-Buy Analysis: This is an individual analysis for each target customer that shows them how their purchase will achieve a specific ROI in terms of […]