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Prepping for Your Sales Presentations the RIGHT way: The Monday AM Sales Challenge

By Scott Sambucci | April 11, 2016

This month with my Startup Selling members, our focus is on how to plan, deliver, and execute on “The Big Meeting” – those important sales presentations that move your prospects from early stage to serious sales opportunity. You know that meeting – the “Big Demo” where you finally have all of the key people in a […]


Prepping for “The Big Demo” – The Monday Morning Sales Challenge

By Scott Sambucci | April 4, 2016

Today’s Monday Morning Sales Challenge is all about “The Big Meeting.” You know the one – the Big Demo, the Big Sales Meeting. You’ve done all your prep work and finally earned your way into a product demo with a group of decision-makers. But… how are you preparing for, executing, and leading your target prospects […]


Monday AM Sales Challenge: How big of a RISK are you?

By Scott Sambucci | March 21, 2016

Yes, of course your prospect loves your product and how you’re going to lead them to the promised land. Here’s the thing… despite how much they love your product and the idea of working with your company, you pose an enormous risk to your prospect. Here’s the other thing… in many cases, they’re not even […]


The Monday Morning Sales Challenge: Handling the “price question”

By Scott Sambucci | March 14, 2016

If you’re finding yourself getting beat up about your price, it probably means you’re doing something wrong in your sales process. And if price is an issue for you when it comes time to lock down a new customer, consider these three ideas: The “price conversation” should not be combative. If you gone weeks or […]


The Monday AM Sales Challenge: Be Positive [3/7/16]

By Scott Sambucci | March 7, 2016

It’s easy to lament on losses and negative events. My challenge to you this week is to be positive. Focus on the wins. Focus on what you’ve learned. Focus on decisions you made (and haven’t made!) that turned out to be right. Here’s a simple strategy… Grab a blank sheet of paper, and divide it […]