Prepping for Your Sales Presentations the RIGHT way: The Monday AM Sales Challenge

Prepping for Your Sales Presentations the RIGHT way: The Monday AM Sales Challenge

By Scott Sambucci | April 11, 2016

This month with my Startup Selling members, our focus is on how to plan, deliver, and execute on “The Big Meeting” – those important sales presentations that move your prospects from early stage to serious sales opportunity. You know that meeting – the “Big Demo” where you finally have all of the key people in a room.

In fact, I’m hosting a public webinar THIS WEEK to help you even if you’re not a member! Read on for more details… (Registration here!)

Don’t make this mistake with your sales presentations!

A huge mistake entrepreneurs and startup teams make is showing an “out of the box” demo – the “one size fits all” demo. The same click, click, click, then let me show you this feature and that feature and this one over here. Regardless of who’s in the room or the company they’re presenting to, they’ll run the same product demo each and every time. Or worse they use their investor pitch deck as a key part of their sales presentation. GASP!

That’s my challenge to you this morning – each and every time based on the company, the problem, and the people in the room? If you’re not, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to take control of the sale and FOCUS your audience on EXACTLY how you’re going to solve their core business problem.

Now, here’s the good news… I’m hosting a webinar THIS WEEK to help you – “How to run your PRODUCT DEMOS without looking like a STARTUP.”

This is one of my monthly teaching webinars – a live event where I teach you some of the great content, tactics, and strategies that’s part of the Startup Selling Coaching program. Every month, I pick one topic and make the lesson available to anyone that’s ready to invest their time with me on this live webinar.

It’s not for everyone, but if might be for you. If you’re a startup CEO, entrepreneur, or part of an early stage enterprise startup sales team, then these teaching webinars are definitely for you.

Click here RESERVE YOUR SPOT now for this month’s killer webinar and check it out! See you there!


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