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The Monday Morning Challenge: Focus on Now now. Worry about Later later.

By Scott Sambucci | June 13, 2016

Focus on Now now. Worry about Later later. As a startup founder and team, you have a scores of priorities spinning every day – building and fixing your product, finding new customers, prepping for meetings and product demos, landing your next customer, recruiting talent, financing and funding your company. And that’s just before breakfast. That […]


The Monday Challenge: Throw away your ideas. Take Action instead.

By Scott Sambucci | May 23, 2016

I’m a “list person.” I make lists constantly – in the mornings as I’m planning my day, on trains, on airplanes, in coffee shops, wherever. Lists turn into ideas, and while some of the ideas might even be good ones, TAKING ACTION on these ideas is the only thing that matters. Ideas are just ideas. […]


Sales Prospecting: The Monday AM Sales Challenge

By Scott Sambucci | May 2, 2016

Sales Prospecting & Your Sales Funnel Yep, I bet you get shivers just thinking about it. Every startup CEO and salesperson knows how critical sales prospecting is to feeding the top of the sales funnel with the RIGHT prospects from the RIGHT companies. But… when I ask them to show me WHEN the time they’ve blocked […]


Prospecting, Pricing & Pipeline: The Monday AM Sales Challenge & Sales Workshops

By Scott Sambucci | April 25, 2016

“I never knew how the BEFORE and AFTER prep for my product demos impacted the sale.” Exactly! April has been a HUGE month for us here at SalesQualia, bringing you awesome content around “The Big Sales Meeting,” including: Our Live Webinar: “How to run your PRODUCT DEMOS without looking like STARTUP” My Startup Selling Podcast […]


Grab a stopwatch for your product demos: The Monday AM Sales Challenge

By Scott Sambucci | April 17, 2016

My big focus this month is helping you to plan, deliver, and execute on “The Big Meeting” – you know — that Big Demo, that Big Sales Presentation – the critical meeting early in your sales opportunity that moves your prospects from “sounds cool” to “let’s get serious” sales opportunity. The last couple of weeks, I’ve […]

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