Prospecting, Pricing & Pipeline: The Monday AM Sales Challenge & Sales Workshops

Prospecting, Pricing & Pipeline: The Monday AM Sales Challenge & Sales Workshops

By Scott Sambucci | April 25, 2016

“I never knew how the BEFORE and AFTER prep for my product demos impacted the sale.”


April has been a HUGE month for us here at SalesQualia, bringing you awesome content around “The Big Sales Meeting,” including:

If you want to take your sales opportunities from “sounds interesting…” to “Let’s get serious!” you need a clear plan for PROSPECTING, PRICING and managing your PIPELINE.

How do you put this to work for YOUR startup? That’s my Monday Morning Sales Challenge to you today:


If you’re anywhere close by, you DEFINITELY want to sign up to work with me IN-PERSON and get your sales process jumpstarted.

I just ran this workshop for TINC Silicon Valley on Saturday. Here’s a recap:

About the Startup Selling LIVE Sales Workshop

  • Are you having interesting conversations, but no one is interested in buying your product?
  • Are your sales prospects telling you – “Thanks for the demo. Let’s come back to this in a few months…”?
  • Do your early conversations go well, then that executive at Big Company goes completely dark on you?
  • Are deals taking waaay too long to close?
  • Is it feeling like your startup’s window of opportunity is starting to shut?
This workshop will fix all that. Startup selling is it’s own strategy. It’s own approach. It’s own methodology. That’s why it’s called “Startup Selling.” To attract your first customers and revenue, you need a sales process that works. For startups.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take control every step of the way – from generating and qualifying leads, to stepping your prospects through the buying process, to constructing a plan of action that guarantees product success for your customers.

Do it now!

Reserve your spot in one of these LIVE WORKSHOPS and let’s get to work to Find Customers, Grow Revenue, and Build Your Sales Process.

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