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Does the sun ever come out in Portland?

By Zeeva Viola | November 29, 2016

This was a real question from my 4-year-old son last week… #honesty We spent Thanksgiving Week in the City of Roses and it was DELIGHTFUL, even (and especially!) with rain coming down in sheets every day… Oregonians love their runners. Steve Prefontaine is still an idol there, more than 40 years since his early death. […]


Pssst… about your 2017 sales strategy… Next year starts NOW!

By Zeeva Viola | November 17, 2016

Big news! I’m excited to announce a LIVE webinar for you – “Next Year Starts NOW! Proven Strategies to Fill Your Company’s Sales Pipeline & Kickstart Your 2017 Revenue Right Away” Here’s the thing… You’ve worked your a$$ off all year – talking to sales leads, doing endless product demos, waiting for your prospects to […]


Sales Prospecting, Pricing Pilots, Pipeline Reviews & Live Sales Training: The Friday Four

By Scott Sambucci | April 29, 2016

Here we go with Installment #11 of The Friday Four – let’s talk about sales prospecting, pricing your pilot projects, sales pipeline reviews, and a live webinar announcement. 1 – RESERVE YOUR SPOT! I’m teaching a live webinar on Thursday, May 12th: “How to Fill Your STARTUP’S Sales Pipeline WITHOUT Wasting Time on Bad Leads.” […]


Prospecting, Pricing & Pipeline: The Monday AM Sales Challenge & Sales Workshops

By Scott Sambucci | April 25, 2016

“I never knew how the BEFORE and AFTER prep for my product demos impacted the sale.” Exactly! April has been a HUGE month for us here at SalesQualia, bringing you awesome content around “The Big Sales Meeting,” including: Our Live Webinar: “How to run your PRODUCT DEMOS without looking like STARTUP” My Startup Selling Podcast […]


Startup Selling Workshop Thursday night in Seattle

By Scott Sambucci | January 27, 2016

Last week in San Francisco, and this week in Seattle. Excited to be working with General Assembly for the first time to deliver my Startup Selling workshop.(Can’t believe I’ve taken this long to make this happen!)What’s on the agenda? Why Startup Selling of course… helping you to: Find Customers Grow Revenue Build Your Sales Process This […]