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Startup Selling workshop @ PARISOMA this week

By Scott Sambucci | January 17, 2016

I’m super excited to be working with PARISOMA Workspace in San Francisco to host my Startup Selling workshop on Tuesday, Jan 19th. During the holidays, I find that I tend to over-estimate how much “quiet time” or “focus time” I’ll have to do my company planning. Either I end up keeping a pretty full schedule of meetings, […]


Your customers are lazy cows & it’s not their fault

By Scott Sambucci | April 7, 2015

Cows don’t know any better. They wake up, they eat grass, they walk along windy, crooked paths simply because some cow before them walked that long, windy, crooked path. In a company or organization, this is called “path dependency.” Microeconomic research also shows that humans are generally risk averse. People have an aversion to taking […]