Startup Selling workshop @ PARISOMA this week

Startup Selling workshop @ PARISOMA this week

By Scott Sambucci | January 17, 2016

parisoma logoI’m super excited to be working with PARISOMA Workspace in San Francisco to host my Startup Selling workshop on Tuesday, Jan 19th.

During the holidays, I find that I tend to over-estimate how much “quiet time” or “focus time” I’ll have to do my company planning. Either I end up keeping a pretty full schedule of meetings, or I simply let myself take a few extra days of rest that I was otherwise expecting to work.  (Hey, we all need to rest!)

But now that we’re into the third week of 2016 and it already feels like the year is flying by! Time can sneak up and zoom past you before you know it.

So… if you’re looking for a little push to get your 2016 sales plan and processes in place for this year, then this is the workshop for you!

workshop live

What we’ll cover in our two-hours together:

  • Develop a customized, step-by-step sales process for your company, product, and market.
  • Identify the key elements to your process: the core problem your product solves, the companies and people to target, value propositions, and implementation plans that will guarantee customer success.
  • Discover the key metrics and milestones so you know exactly where you stand in the sale process, and know which opportunities are real and which are black holes.

As of this morning, there are about 5-6 spots left, so if you’re looking for a push, I’m here to help. Hope you can join me at PARISOMA on Tuesday, January 19th!

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