Monday AM Sales Challenge: How big of a RISK are you?

Monday AM Sales Challenge: How big of a RISK are you?

By Scott Sambucci | March 21, 2016

Yes, of course your prospect loves your product and how you’re going to lead them to the promised land.

Here’s the thing… despite how much they love your product and the idea of working with your company, you pose an enormous risk to your prospect.

Here’s the other thing… in many cases, they’re not even telling you that. So you need to ask.

This week’s Monday Morning Sales Challenge is all about taking the step, taking the action, taking the initiative with your prospect to learn from them what their biggest perceived risks are so that you can begin overcoming those risks and gaps.

Three (3) ideas for you:

  1. Review your active pipeline. Ask yourself – “How am I a risk to my current prospect?”
  2. Ask yourself – “Is the next step in the sales process too big for the prospect?” For example, are you trying to go from initial demo to contract in a single call or a single step in your sales process?
  3. Ask you prospect – “I know that you’re excited about the idea of using our product, and I’m excited about that. Tell me though… where do you see the biggest 2-3 risks in working together?” Get them talking and get them to tell you EXACTLY where they perceive risk, then immediately get to work mitigating those risks and filling those gaps.

Do it now!


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