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THANK YOU, Amy Volas! 

By Scott Sambucci | November 22, 2021

Last week we hosted a private 2-day event for our clients where we had Amy Volas as a guest speaker. During her session, she talked about: Today’s hiring environment (hint: It’s not good if you’re the one hiring right now…) When a B2B startup should hire their first sales leaders. Why hiring the wrong person is a […]


Product Demos + IMPORTANT REMINDER about the Sales Masterclass… 👀 

By Scott Sambucci | November 17, 2021

❌ “Demo” should NEVER be a stage in your sales process. ✅ In fact, an optimal sales process scoots prospects in and out of “Demo” as QUICKLY as possible. Why? Because prospects don’t care about your product – they care about their PROBLEMS and PRIORITIES. Think of the product demo as an ACCELERATOR to the sale. […]


Make time for your Self

By Scott Sambucci | November 12, 2021

  Days get crazy running your startup – sales, customers, fundraising, hiring, firing, product, managing… At home, we’ve got kids home from school because of quarantines, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving. Far away, we’ve got loved ones we haven’t seen in two years. Every day is a reason to be a little anxious. To be a little […]


Sales Masterclass exclusively for B2B startup founders & CEOs

By Scott Sambucci | October 22, 2021

Every scalable startup is simply an organized set of processes working together, with a high-functioning team running and improving those processes every day. Most of all, when we have our sales process working, we get the CLARITY, CONTROL, and CONFIDENCE we want to make the IMPACT with your company for your customers. Whether you’re just […]


How to keep control in your sales calls…

By Scott Sambucci | October 18, 2021

  David Sandler famously said: “If you don’t have a process for selling you’re at the mercy of your buyer’s process for buying.” One of the biggest challenges for #startups selling to the enterprise have is keeping control through the sales process. As a startup, when we’re selling a new product, knowing your sales process […]