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would you come?

By Scott Sambucci | December 13, 2021

If I was to lead a free sales planning session next Monday (12/20), would you come? It’d be exclusively for B2B startup founders, CEOs and sales leaders. Here’s what I’ve got in mind… TOPIC: “Plan = People & Process: Scale Your B2B Startup in 2022” We’d work on three (3) things together – ASSESS your […]


The 4 Forces of The Entrepreneur’s Apocalypse

By Scott Sambucci | December 3, 2021

  Here’s another topic we’ll be covering in our upcoming Sales Masterclass: The 4 Forces of The Entrepreneur’s Apocalypse Just like gravity, there are these forces that are constantly working against us. By isolating these forces we can determine how it’s affecting us and how we can overcome them. 🤵 Customers💰 Investors👩‍🏫 Team👪 You/Family Join […]


Want some help building your startup’s sales process?

By Scott Sambucci | December 2, 2021

  I’m getting together a small group of startup CEOs next week to work on building out their sales process. 🚀 I’ll teach the core frameworks and systems that every B2B startup needs to implement to achieve a repeatable, scalable sales process.  🚀 Plus, we’ll do a diagnostic of your startup’s sales process so that […]


Saw this post from the inimitable Leah Chaney…

By Scott Sambucci | December 1, 2021

Saw this post from the inimitable Leah Chaney. Got me thinking about what benefits do team members and employee REALLY want and need. Yes, health insurance and 401k are almost always on the list – they provide for the Safety level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But go a level up on Maslow’s pyramid, and the […]


Thank you, Jade Green

By Scott Sambucci | November 29, 2021

Thank you, Jade Green Day 2 of our Client Intensive ended differently from most of our sessions. Jade Green joined me in a fireside chat as we talked about her past experiences. She showed us how to elevate our personal mindset and leadership abilities.  Here are the main takeaways from Jade’s session:  – Culture is what your […]