Ep. 56: The Process is the Process – A Daily Dose Edition

Ep. 56: The Process is the Process – A Daily Dose Edition

By Scott Sambucci | April 9, 2019

The process is the process!  In today’s episode of the Startup Selling podcast, we did a Daily Dose edition. Stephen and I talk about the concept of the process is the process.

A couple of quick notes about this episode. First of all, we talked about the importance of process versus outcome. How many times do we scramble, and work, and grit our way to an outcome; however, without a measurable, distinct, process that outcome might be achieved, but it is either not repeatable or we don’t know exactly why we achieved that outcome. Second, the process is important because it allows us to then specifically test some new ideas and see how we can continuously improve. And third, in this episode, we give you a little backstage look on one of our processes that actually did not go as planned with a new client, what we learned from it and how we improved things moving forward.

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