Go Out There And Ask For Help

Go Out There And Ask For Help

By Scott Sambucci | August 11, 2021


Wherever you are in your journey as a startup founder —

????You’ve gotten those first customers…

????You’ve got that first revenue in the door…

⏩You’re starting to move towards product-market fit…

But… You’re not sure how to build more #repeatability and #scalability into your sales process. 

That’s a place to ask for help. That’s something that we do here at SalesQualia every single day. 

Hiring ???? could be another area where you can ask for help. 

How do you know how to hire the right salespeople? Maybe you’re hiring your first sales VP. How are you vetting out ???? that sales VP to make sure that they’re the right person for your company, and for the job that needs to be done for you over the next two, three, four years? 

Ask for help to find the right person. 

Same with the product side of things. Ask for help for someone to mentor you and mentor your product team or your engineering team. ????

Most people in my experience if you ask them for help, actually want to help. They get happiness from being asked to help and offering that help. 

You’ve just got to go out there and ask for help even if they’re not close confidants to you or close contacts of yours.

Lesson from the trail.

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