Episode 31: What’s Your Box of Awesome? An Interview with Dan Waldschmidt

Episode 31: What’s Your Box of Awesome? An Interview with Dan Waldschmidt

By Zeeva Viola | May 3, 2017

Dan Waldschmidt is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and business strategist. He’s been a successful entrepreneur, a failure, and a successful entrepreneur again. Dan also came within a whisker of committing suicide – he had a gun to his mouth, about to pull the trigger. But he didn’t. He decided that his life’s story wasn’t meant to end that way – that there had to be one more chance, one more opportunity, one more way forward.

His book – “Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success” – is a 9-time best seller. The Wall Street Journal calls his blog, Edgy Conversations, one of the Top 7 sales blogs anywhere on the internet.

Dan is also a champion ultra-runner. He’s training to get down to a 2:20 marathon and has a personal goal of setting the world record for the most running miles covered in a 24-hour period, currently set at 180 miles.

Fasten your seatbelt. He’s intense with a purpose.

In this episode, Dan and I apply his EDGY Framework to life as an entrepreneur and startup CEO.

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EXTREME: What is the AWESOME that you want to achieve with your business? What are you tolerating in your work and business that’s holding you back?

3 Steps to Start:

  1. Take the time to sit and be quiet. Figure out what your mission is for your life and your business.
  2. Identify the resources available to you – people, money, time.
  3. Take action and ask for help.

DISCIPLINE: Are you putting in the right time and the right effort to achieve your awesomeness?

GIVING VALUE: Give until it hurts. Give until it makes no sense that you are giving so much.

Y(H)UMAN FACTOR: How can I make my startup more human? What’s the danger of not being human? What are the things that you’re doing that are SLOPPY or DON’T CONNECT with customers?

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