Daily Dose: First Principles for Startup Founders – Narrow your niche [Part 6]

Daily Dose: First Principles for Startup Founders – Narrow your niche [Part 6]

By Scott Sambucci | April 17, 2023

This is Part 6 of our series – First Principles for Startup Founders

In this episode, Scott shares why EVERY startup must find a niche within their TAM as a starting point for sales, growth, and achieving Product-Market Fit down the road.

The reason this is such a critical part of your sales processes is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell to every customer type in your total addressable market.

Yes, you want to make a big impact, and you want to affect an entire industry. But for now there’s only a certain niche or sub-segment within that larger marketplace that you are able to sell to for a variety of reasons FOR NOW…

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