Be Confident – A Startup Selling Lesson from the Trail

Be Confident – A Startup Selling Lesson from the Trail

By Scott Sambucci | August 17, 2021


✔️ When you work with experts…

✔️ You get the right plan in place…

✔️You start focusing on what’s in your control… 

✔️You’ve prepared and executed… 

???? At some point you just need to say, “I’ve done everything possible that I can do”. 

Now you just need to go forward with confidence because when you’re going to do something hard, like an ultra marathon,????‍♂️ it’s okay to have some anxiety. 

I have anxieties before every sales call I do.???? Even after doing enterprise sales and teaching people sales for 25 years, I still feel a level of nerves or anxiety because I want the call to go well—I want to be able to help people. 

On the other hand, I know that what we’ve built at the company really helps early stage startups. 

???? I’ve prepared for that meeting and I know that I’ve built a system (a coaching program) that can help the right kind of startup founders. 

So going into a sales call, I would tell myself (or you can tell yourself), “be confident because you know you can help that person if they want the kind of help that you’re offering.”

Lesson from the trail.

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