3… 2… 1… Weekend [5/28/21]

3… 2… 1… Weekend [5/28/21]

By Scott Sambucci | May 31, 2021

3 Things I’m excited about –

#1: The last stretch of training for the Western States 100. I’ve got 50-mile trail run on Saturday, and another 22 on Monday.

#2: We’re now proud owners of a baby goat.

My wife spent her nights this week building their pen. She’s cool like that.

#3: I’m teaching a LIVE Training on Thurs, June 3rd – “Your Q4 Sales Start Now.”

I’m teaching 5 tactics to put to work in the next 6 weeks that will help you nail your 2021 number.

2 People to follow –

Check out Jason Bay and Meghann Misiask. Both are AWESOME at their craft. They coach our clients here in our Startup Selling Coaching program, and ALWAYS deliver.

1 Parting Thought –

If you’re in the US, Monday is Memorial Day. Take a day off – no email, no texts, no nothing. You need a break. Your family will appreciate it.

The company won’t fail if you take 24 hours to just be.

Go Farther.