You Have To Be READY To Focus

You Have To Be READY To Focus

By Scott Sambucci | April 22, 2021

In Schmidt’s book and in Mumford’s interview, they both talk about what makes a person coachable. In reading and listening, and coupling their findings with my own experience, I’ve found that there are five of the traits that make for a coachable person.

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Let’s look at the first trait…

1/ Readiness to Learn – This means that you’re ready to focus and ready to get to work.

Yes, schedules are overloaded and you’re also going to feel too busy right now. You’re never going to be done the to-do list. Ever.

I hear – “Once I get through this next week… month… quarter… year…”

That’s all the more reason to work with a coach – to identify where to stop wasting time and where to adjust your focus from your “busy-ness” to growing yourself and your business.

But, this means you have to be READY to make that change.

You have to be READY to focus.