“Would You Like The Long Demo or The Short Demo?”

“Would You Like The Long Demo or The Short Demo?”

By Scott Sambucci | January 18, 2021

Lots of good conversation happening right now on Richard Smith’s post from yesterday –

“Rich – please can I just have a demo? I know you want to ask me questions but I really just want to see what you’ve got…”

Here’s an approach to try for these situations. Have a little fun and be human –

Prospect: “Just show me what you’ve got…”

You: “Sure. Would like to see the long demo or the short demo?”

Prospect: “What’s the difference?”

You: “The long demo takes about 4 hours. The short demo takes about 15 minutes.”

Prospect: “Huh?”

You: “Our platform has lots of integrations, functionalities, features and all of that. And in most of our customers, different users use different parts of the platform.

“So unless I know a few things about your situation, we’ll have to go through the entire platform, which takes about 4 hours.

“Or if you up for sharing a few things about your situation, we can go right to the parts of the product that are most relevant to you work.

“What do you think?”

Sure, it might be a little risky, and it might piss off the prospect a little, but you and I both know what happens when you demo with a clear problem to solve.

Give it a shot. Take control.

Meghann Misiak

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