Two Great Strategies for Cold Emailing

Two Great Strategies for Cold Emailing

By Scott Sambucci | April 29, 2019

Sales experts around the world usually struggle with the concept of cold emailing

This is very understandable, as it is an exceptionally difficult strategy to communicate with your team. You need to come up with an ingenious way to break the ice with your potential clients, and also build a framework for your teams to follow.

Damian Thompson is the Chief Customer Officer at LeadFuze. He has also worked as a sales coach, helping out hundreds of professionals.
Under his tutelage, Damian’s clients have earned a combined $100 Million. His proven track record of success makes him a valuable source of advice when it comes to strategy.

We have provided crystal solution culled from our recent podcast with email expert Damian Thompson.

Here are two that you should take note of.

Stand out from the Crowd
Damian says that he succeeded with cold emailing because he had the confidence to try something different. Most marketers weren’t using the tactic because they assumed it wouldn’t work.

By trying something that scared other people, he achieved a 5% meeting rate.

The first cardinal rule is that you can’t be afraid of rising above the crowd.

Do things that others don’t even think about doing. If your competitors aren’t using cold emailing, you have an opening. There’s a niche there for you to explore.

Rising above the crowd also means that you avoid competing using the strategies that everyone else uses. 

Do the things that others think are too hard. That’s how you stand out from the crowd.

Remove Passive Aggressiveness
The tone of an email is extremely important.

You may have received a few cold emails yourself in the past. Damian has, and he says he hates the passive aggressiveness he sees in most cold emails.

In fact, he calls it the quickest way to turn him off.

What does he mean by the passive aggressiveness?

Consider the language you may use when sending a follow-up email to a prospect who didn’t reply to the first email. Many marketers may open with something like “Hey, I didn’t hear back from you…”

That’s a passive aggressive opening line. It’s an attempt to put the responsibility for replying on the recipient.

The reality is that it’s your job to get the recipient to respond to you. Trying to pressure them into doing that without offering anything of value to them isn’t going to make that happen.

Damian says to ask yourself a simple question:

Would I want to receive this email?

If the answer is no, it’s not an email that your sales teams should send out.

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