The Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner

By Scott Sambucci | January 14, 2020

“This version of an implementation plan is more specific and is more representative of a functional work plan that your customer and you can use as the foundation of a statement of work and customer success strategy. Think of this version as a project management activity where your customer and you are collaboratively identifying key tasks that need to happen for the implementation to be successful. 

We used the weekly planner as the basis for our early customer implementations at Blend. Once we had a serious sales opportunity, building an implementation plan was a required step for our executive counterparts to gain collaboration and approval across their organization. Our implementations were highly complex because we had to integrate with our customer’s existing software systems and data architecture. We couldn’t get a contract signed before first making sure both sides were 100 percent comfortable with the implementation plan. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to lead the customer and take control of the sale. Best of all, you’re pushing right past the typical stall point in a sale!”

[Excerpt from my new book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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