The User Buyer

The User Buyer

By Scott Sambucci | October 21, 2019

The User Buyer is the person, or the team of people, who will use your product every day. Depending on your product, they might include salespeople, customer success analysts, marketing managers, project managers, IT managers, or any other team at your prospective customer who is responsible for carrying out the daily activities of the business.

Typically, these positions are near the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, reporting to middle and sometimes senior management.

User Buyers are almost never the purchasers—they don’t have the budget or the authority to make a purchasing decision. They are the people who you’re going to be responsible for supporting once your product is implemented. Managers and executives will often include the user buyers, or a representative of that team, in the evaluation of your product. Once you make the sale, your job is to make the users excited and happy about using your product every day.

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