The Startup Selling Sales Funnel + the Q Framework

The Startup Selling Sales Funnel + the Q Framework

By Scott Sambucci | January 29, 2020

The three phases of the sales funnel are listed here. 

1. Prospecting Plan of Action: This is where you’re finding qualified leads—the right people at the right companies who have the core problem that your product solves.

2. Pipeline Pull-Through Strategy: In enterprise sales and B2B sales, the sales pipeline is a series of steps that takes weeks or months to move a qualified lead through your sales process, which ends with a decision to buy your product or not. 

3. Paying Customer Plan: The third part of the sales funnel is all about pricing and conversion—when your prospective customer becomes a paying customer. This phase includes everything from implementation to onboarding to customer success and account management activities.

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