The Seven Rs of Customer Success

The Seven Rs of Customer Success

By Scott Sambucci | December 3, 2019

During implementation, focus early and often on the seven Rs of customer success.These are:

1. Reconfirm: Give your customers confidence in their decision to purchase your product.

2. Results: Provide and show results as quickly as possible following your launch or “go live” date.

3. ROI: Provide and show, as quickly as possible, how your customer is realizing return of investment and return on investment.

4. Referenceable: Once your customers begin to see ROI on their purchases, ask if they would be willing to serve as a reference for you with a future customer. Ask them for a testimonial and write a case study.

5. Referral: Ask your customers if they would be willing to refer anyone they know to your company. Maybe you have a Big Industry conference coming up. Would they be willing to introduce you to a key executive or buyer who would benefit from your product or service?

6. Retention: Now that your product is up and running, it’s a critical customer success strategy to make sure the users at your customer continue to use and benefit from your product.

7. Renewal: Never, ever wait until day 364 of an annual agreement to have the renewal talk.


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