The Scale-Up Stage of your StartUp

The Scale-Up Stage of your StartUp

By Scott Sambucci | September 3, 2019

“Whether a startup leverages investor capital or reinvests its own cash flow, once repeatability is established, the startup is ready to work toward scalability. Think of this as the 10x growth outcome—with the first step going from $1,000,000 ARR to $10 million ARR (and beyond)!

 In the scale-up stage, startup founders encounter a new set of challenges to overcome, as the key challenges center around managing the company’s growth and the team responsible for delivering that growth.

When startups reach the scale-up stage, company founders find themselves out of the day-to-day execution of the sales systems they built in the ramp-up stage. Now, as a manager of a growing company, the first challenge is identifying the activities and metrics that will maintain the company on its growth trajectory. These metrics are often referred to as “key performance indicators” (KPIs).”

[Excerpt from my new book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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