The Product Champion

The Product Champion

By Scott Sambucci | October 28, 2019

The Product Champion is your coach and cheerleader. He or she is the person who is internally helping you to sell your product by providing access to the other buyer types and coaching you on the sale to the company.

Imagine if you meet somebody at a conference, and that person tells you his job is to identify new technology solutions and bring those solutions to the company. He doesn’t necessarily have a budget, but his job is to find solutions and introduce them to the different business units. That person can help you set up and prepare for meetings and push forward with the next steps internally after sales meetings.

You will know product champions, once you have one, because they will reply quickly to your emails. They’ll tell you more about their company and its problems than you could even know to ask. They might initiate emails and introductions where they’re sharing information about your company and product.

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