The Four Stages of the Enterprise Sale

The Four Stages of the Enterprise Sale

By Scott Sambucci | November 8, 2019

Neil Rackham and his book, Major Account Sales Strategy, influenced much of what I’ve learned about the stages of the enterprise sale.24 In his book, Rackham uses data collected from observing thousands of salespeople and sales opportunities. 

Through those observations and by analyzing the data collected, he identified that there are four primary stages of the enterprise sale. This is where you can begin to configure the Q Framework as a core system for your own sales process at your startup. By asking and answering the questions we’ve covered so far in the Q Framework—What problem are you solving? Which segment are you targeting? Who are the buyers?—you will be able to advance your sales opportunities through these stages of the sale.

The Four Stages of the Enterprise Sale: Overview

• Stage one: recognition of needs

• Stage two: evaluation of options

• Stage three: resolution of concerns

• Stage four: implementation

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