Thank you, Jade Green

Thank you, Jade Green

By Scott Sambucci | November 29, 2021

Thank you, Jade Green

Day 2 of our Client Intensive ended differently from most of our sessions.

Jade Green joined me in a fireside chat as we talked about her past experiences.

She showed us how to elevate our personal mindset and leadership abilities. 

Here are the main takeaways from Jade’s session: 

– Culture is what your people do when you’re not there.
– “Who you are is what you do”
– You can lose all your good candidates if you make your recruitment process too long – move fast and be agile.

Here’s what a few of our clients said about the session –

“Keep remembering – Who you are is what you do.”

“Inspiring! Doing the same for ourselves as we expect from our team on the regular!”
“It was brilliant!”

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