Ten Examples of Checkpoints and Milestones

Ten Examples of Checkpoints and Milestones

By Scott Sambucci | December 18, 2019

Think of these checkpoints and milestones as metrics, signals, and indicators that you’re advancing each sale. These vary across companies and types of sales—they’re not the same for every company or sales process, but here are a few ideas to help begin to identify the key checkpoints and milestones in your sales process for your company.

1. Completing a homework assignment.

2. Signing a nondisclosure agreement. 

3. Communicating frequently through multiple channels.

4. Meeting additional buyer types.

5. Hosting an on-site meeting.

6. Hosting an on-site customer visit.

7. Accessing customer data.

8. Performing a customer technology audit.

9. Collaborating on an implementation plan.

10. Meeting with the legal, compliance, risk management, and vendor management teams.

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