Startups are Ultramarathons: Lessons from the Trail [Part 2…]

Startups are Ultramarathons: Lessons from the Trail [Part 2…]

By Scott Sambucci | June 18, 2021


June 26th is 8 days away. At 5am, the gun will go off and I’ll take my first step in the Western States 100 – a 100.2 mile ultra-marathon from Olympic Valley, CA to Auburn, CA.

The course includes more than 18,000′ of elevation climb and day-time temperatures of more than 100 degrees.

I officially started training on Jan 4th – six months of daily effort – more than 1200 miles of running, strength-training 3-4x/week, and monitoring every calorie I consume.

In running these ultra-marathons, I’ve learned a few lessons that translate to running a startup. Yesterday I shared two Lessons from the Trail about how startups are like ultra-marathons –

1/ Make hard things routine
2/ Prepare to train

Today, I’m sharing a couple more…

While every day and every week feels like a sprint, the path to make a lasting impact for your customers is a long journey.

Stay focused, stay committed.

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