From Startup Selling workshop attendees & clients

From Startup Selling workshop attendees & clients

By Scott Sambucci | June 1, 2017

Kari Thor Runarsson, CEO & Co-founder of Authenteq

Malin Weiss, CMO at Speedment:



Isaac Szymanczyk, Principal and Creative Director at Conveyor:

From my clients…


I’m happy to share we got a big win on Thursday that I think in part came from a change we are making to discussing scope and contracts! I also think we targeted the prospect with the right case studies, references, and follow up.

– Tracey H.

Big wins are dedicating an average of 2 hours a day to sales strategy & content selling thinking. Other wins – using the confirm ask explore model and closed a deal this week just after the proposal call. We also have been working on educating the team about the 4ps so they have a sense of why / where we are spending time.

– Anne S.

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