Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement

Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement

By Scott Sambucci | December 23, 2019

“A second milestone that I like to use for larger enterprise sales is the signing of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA is an excellent checkpoint because it verifies several important aspects of the sales process. If the prospective customer is able to send and sign an NDA, not only does it tell you he or she is serious about sharing information that might be considered private or sensitive, but it also tells you that a prospect is serious about spending internal resources to do the evaluation the right way. 

The NDA also indicates whether the person you’re dealing with has authority within his or her company. If your point of contact is unsure of how to get an NDA in place or tells you, “We’ll just look at your standard demo,” then it’s highly unlikely that this person will be able to get a contract executed later in the process. If your prospect pushes back on the idea of an NDA, then take it as an opportunity to find out who else in the organization would be good for you to talk to regarding moving forward with an NDA. It’s a good test to know if you’re dealing with a Buyer Vampire.”

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