Saw this post from the inimitable Leah Chaney…

Saw this post from the inimitable Leah Chaney…

By Scott Sambucci | December 1, 2021

Saw this post from the inimitable Leah Chaney. Got me thinking about what benefits do team members and employee REALLY want and need.

Yes, health insurance and 401k are almost always on the list – they provide for the Safety level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

But go a level up on Maslow’s pyramid, and the next set of needs are “Love & Belonging” and one up from that is “Esteem.”

I wonder if companies think enough on these levels when it comes to benefits and support.

Read the reviews about a company like In-N-Out Burger on Glassdoor —

“The best thing is that you can get a free burger every shift” – A small benefit, but to someone working at that pay range, a free meal is huge and shows love.

Blend provides four months of maternity and paternity leave for both mothers and fathers, and mental health days.

To me, “love and belonging” and “esteem” means that a company doesn’t just appreciate a team member with a bonus and basic benefits, but truly shows love by providing benefits like chronic care and helping their employees purchase a home.

I know companies like GritWell (chronic care) and Breezeful (help with home purchases) are out there offering companies the ability to show love and give employees Love & Belong and Esteem.

Companies have opportunity to show that the flexibility and support they offered during COVID aren’t temporary, because the needs and wants of employees are permanent.

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