Sales, Systems & Self: The Q4 Push & Beyond

Sales, Systems & Self: The Q4 Push & Beyond

By Scott Sambucci | September 27, 2021


If you’re a company founder like me, you know it’s time for the big push in Q4 to hit those EOY targets and set ourselves up for an even bigger 2022 and beyond.

When we’re out there pushing on our SALES – finding new customers, growing revenue, and jumping to the next level this year – we tell ourselves that we’ll hustle and grind, to do whatever it takes to hit our target. The hustle and hard work are a given – they’re are table stakes for being in the game…

But, whether we’re the only one driving sales at our company, or we’ve got a team around us that’s hustling and grinding, the problem we find is that hustle doesn’t scale. It’s not the way to build a company for the long run.

We know it’ll be satisfying (and required) to nail our number, but if we don’t “know how” we got there, or a team member leaves and takes their “know-how” with them, then we’re stuck with “no how” to replicate and build on the result for the years ahead.

That’s why building SYSTEMS along the way is critical. While we’re driving hard for every next customer, we also need to think about REPEATABILITY in our SALES PROCESS.

This requires real leadership, a hefty dose of emotional intelligence, focus to be our best SELF – for our customers, for our team, and for our loved ones who are supporting us every day.

How are we managing the team and the process? Are we providing the right leadership our company needs? Are we taking care of our SELF first so that we can be at our best everyday?

When it comes to creating repeatable, scalable growth, today, tomorrow and for the next ten years ahead, the theme of SALES, SYSTEMS & SELF should be front and center every day for all of us.

So that we can all learn and grow together, over the next 3 months, I’m going to focus all of my time and attention on “SALES, SYSTEMS & SELF” – for my own company, with our clients, and with you.

On Mondays, look for a tactical SALES tip that you can put to work ASAP that’s designed to help you boost your revenue.

On Wednesdays, we’ll focus on SYSTEMS – I’ll teach about the selling frameworks required to build a startup’s repeatable sales process.

Friday’s focus in on our SELF – I’ll share a personal #GoFarther strategy that will help you Do More, Be Happy & Surprise Yourself as a leader and as an individual.

I’m excited and grateful to be able to bring this to you.

Are you in?


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