Sales Prospecting: How to use “Permission-Based Selling”?

Sales Prospecting: How to use “Permission-Based Selling”?

By Scott Sambucci | January 12, 2021


Good work! You’re off and running with your sales prospecting work for your startup:

1/ You’ve built your target list – specific people within an industry or market segment, and

2/ You have some valuable content to share – a white paper, case study, blog post, webinar recording, video, etc.

Now you’re out there working through the list looking for your next (or first!) customers for your startup – sending emails, making calls, and looking for introduction and referrals.

So how do you generate conversations with your target buyers in your target market? How do you use your list and your content the right way?

Answer: Permission-Based Sharing
It’s really simple – instead of simply blasting your content to your list hoping that they open, read, and reply back to you, just ask the target person – “Would it be okay if I sent this to you?”

For example:

“Hi John – I saw you’re the SVP of Operations at XYZ bank. Our company works with executives just like you to solve ABC problem.

In fact, we just published a blog post – “The 5 Biggest Challenges to ABC Problem for bank executives.

Can I send you a link to the post?”

See the difference?