Relentless Forward Progress

Relentless Forward Progress

By Scott Sambucci | October 23, 2019

Relentless Forward Progress — Lessons from the Trail

Cuddled in a sleeping bag around me in the back of my friend’s SUV at mile 123, I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to think about the 82 miles I had left in the Tahoe 200 ultramarathon.

But… what I could think about was opening the door and letting the cold night air rush hit me. I could think about getting out and putting on my running gear. I could think about finding some food to eat before hitting the trail again.

Whether it’s a product launch, raising the next round of capital, or nailing the next million dollars in revenue, any big goal gets overwhelming when you think about the totality of the outcome.

Instead, just put yourself in a position where you can make relentless forward progress.

Find the first three steps, however small they are that will get you closer to the outcome you want and just do those things.

Develop a mindset of relentless forward progress, no matter what, and that habit will carry you through the inevitable lulls and doldrums you’ll hit along the way.

It’s not always fun. Heck, sometimes it’s downright boring or hard.

But if you want to reach that outcome, it’s about relentless forward progress.

Go Farther.

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