Post-Race Lesson: Do The Work

Post-Race Lesson: Do The Work

By Scott Sambucci | July 28, 2021


It’s been a few weeks since I ran the Western States 100 – a 100-mile ultramarathon from Olympic Village in the Sierra Nevadas to Auburn, CA.

Every day since then, I’ve been reflecting on the race – what I accomplished, what I learned, and how I prepared for the oldest, and arguably most prestigious, ultramarathon in the world.

One of the lessons from “Startups are Ultramarathons – Post-Race Lessons from the Trail” is Do The Work.

You’ve got to –

1/ Do your prospecting

2/ Do your lead generation

3/ Review your sales calls to figure out how you’re doing and how you can improve

4/ Go out and talk to your current customers and ask them what do they like and how can you improve

5/ Look critically and recognize if you’re doing enough or everything you could be doing

Just because you’re doing work, doesn’t mean that you are doing the “right” work orenough” work. This is where you can find experts who can and are willing to help you.

But, you’ve got to do the work every single day so you can get the outcome you want.

Oh and remember—The struggle is guaranteed, success is not.

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Shoot me an email to [email protected] with the word “JOURNEY” and we can hop on a call to look at your situation, brainstorm a few ideas and see if or how we can help you ramp up and scale up your sales.