Pilot vs. Proof of Concept vs. Beta

Pilot vs. Proof of Concept vs. Beta

By Scott Sambucci | January 28, 2020

“The scale from “complete sale” backward might look like this. 

1. Full implementation 

2. Partial or phased implementation 

3. Pilot program 

4. Proof of concept or beta 

5. Monitored free trial

If you’re feeling resistance from your prospective customer in selling a full implementation, then you can pare back and offer a partial or phased implementation. “Why don’t we start with your inside sales team first, then roll out to the rest of your team?” If the prospective customer still resists, that’s where a well-formed pilot program is effective. 

You might have cases where there are still some reservations about running a pilot program, so from there, scale back again and offer a conditional proof-of-concept or a free trial, making sure that these go well. Then step up from there to the pilot program. Ultimately, you must use your intuition with each customer. Just be sure that you’re not offering free trials to people who have no path forward to a paid engagement.”

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