Most of the people who you encounter aren’t buyers…

Most of the people who you encounter aren’t buyers…

By Scott Sambucci | October 14, 2019

“As you’re engaging with your prospective customers, most of the people who you encounter aren’t buyers. They might think of themselves as buyers, but in most cases, the people you need to reach are not the most obvious (or easiest!) people to reach. Often, your initial point

of contact will be with a user buyer or a potential product champion, or someone at your target account who has proximity to the problem you solve but might not be any of the four buyer types we discussed in the previous chapter.

These “unclassified” buyers can certainly, at times, provide context for the problem at their company—history of the problem, what’s been tried, or what’s not working right now.

The people who are the easiest to find—the people who are visiting your website, the people who click on your LinkedIn ads and download white papers, and the people who are often the most visible and reachable—tend to be in a middle- or lower-level position within the company.” 

[Excerpt from my new book – “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.”]

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