Leading the Crusade for the Cause

Leading the Crusade for the Cause

By Scott Sambucci | March 12, 2021

You know your prospect’s problem. You’re probably an expert in the problem. That’s why you started your company—to solve the problem. In many ways, you feel like the best-kept secret in the industry. “If they only knew what we did and how we did it.”

Here you are, flailing your arms and screaming at the top of your lungs about your product and company, but it seems like no one is listening, especially the people who need to be listening the most. Worst of all, deep down inside, I think the biggest fear many entrepreneurs have is that they won’t make an impact.

What you want for your company is to get your prospects to look at you, listen to your message, and follow your lead to get them to the promised land. My friend Byron Davis described it to me as “leading the crusade for the cause.”

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