I don’t want to be a marshmallow!

I don’t want to be a marshmallow!

By Scott Sambucci | December 11, 2019

My son was having a rough morning. He was awake at 5:07am (which is better than the 4:45am wakeup …).

Sitting on the couch, he got worked up talking about his role as a puffy piece of sugar in the school play. He finally burst in frustration.

Life can be rough for a 2nd-grader this time of year.

The same goes with your prospects. If you’re wondering why your prospects are ignoring emails or they seem grouchy when you ask about that proposal you sent, they might have a reason.

Your prospects are just like a 7-year-old. It’s hard to handle the stress of this time of year –

The dreaded “Company Christmas Party” (and their spouses’ Christmas party they’re dreading more…)

Performance evals, bonuses, trying to hit their own quotas and metrics, wondering why that guy got a raise by they didn’t…

The weather sucks and the commute traffic is getting worse every day…

Before you hammer away with the next call, instead of jamming yet another demo their throat, instead of “checking in” one more time about the contract, remember that your prospects are people, just like you.

Start with some empathy. Be human. Create a connection. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel better.

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