How to Write an Effective 125-Word Sales Email

How to Write an Effective 125-Word Sales Email

By Scott Sambucci | March 28, 2019

Can you write an effective 125-word sales email?

Data shows that 125-word emails yield a 51% response rate.


Email is crucial to every outbound cadence, and when it comes to writing a good sales email, most of us just don’t know how.

Crafting an effective sales email isn’t about trial and error or obsessing over every word.

It’s about following a structure – it’s less about the “what” and more about the “how.”

If you want to learn one of the templates for writing effective 125-word sales email, you’ve got two options – either breakdown this post to see what I’m doing here, or you can email me now at [email protected] with the word EMAIL and I’ll send you a video that shows you how.


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