How to run successful pilots

How to run successful pilots

By Scott Sambucci | October 22, 2018

Build a PIT Crew – A Project Implementation Team

Most of all, get your customer ACTIVELY involved – give them JOBS to do…

Not just “oversight…” Not a “committee…” Not “an advisory board…”


Think about a race car team – YOU are the driver of the car, racing around the track, and you need a team around you to make sure that you win the race.

Crew Chief: This is your Executive Sponsor, overseeing everyone on your customer’s side of the implementation.

Engine, Oil, Gas: This could be the IT team – responsible for making sure that the integrations are happening, that you have the data files you need to implement.

Tires: This is the Business Unit for which you’re implementing. Their job is to keep you on the track so that you all can cross the finish line.

That’s it!


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