How Swimming Across Lake Tahoe Parallels Startup Selling #3

How Swimming Across Lake Tahoe Parallels Startup Selling #3

By Scott Sambucci | August 23, 2018

You’ll be shocked by who’s willing to help you.

I needed some help finding a kayaker, and Tom found Kathy for me.

She did the same swim a week ago with Tom as her boat captain.
She and I met for the first time in the marina parking lot that morning. “Hi Kathy. Thank you so much for helping out. Tom said you did this swim last week. That’s awesome.”
“Yeah – it was tough, but I got through it.”
“Are you from around here [South Lake Tahoe]?”
“I live down in the Bay Area.”
“Cool. Where?”
“Danville.” (a ~ 3-hour drive from South Lake Tahoe)
“Have you just been up here all week hanging out since your swim?”
“No. I’ve been home all week.”
“Did you drive up from Danville here just to kayak for me?”
“Yeah.” “Are you serious? Really?”
“Tom asked me to. That’s how we South-siders like to be.”
It’s really humbling to know that people will help you if you just ask them.
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